Giving Back

Here at Twisted Double M, I (Mckynsi Moore) strongly believe in loving on others. I get my helping heart from my mother, who gives every ounce of herself to help someone else in need. A long while ago I visited Haiti on a mission trip to help build homes and teach orphans of the love of Jesus. Ever since my time was spent there, God has spoken to me that giving back is one of my callings. I couldn't have opened this small business without him, and I certainly cannot stay alive without his guidance. I'd love to honor him in everything I can do - so I have decided to start with giving back some of the proceeds from the shop, to orphans in 3rd world countries. Eventually, I'd love to help out in more areas of the world, but for now, help me start with the kids who changed my heart first. 
If you would like to just purely donate and skip purchasing an item from Twisted MM you can donate through the link here:

Love you  & God bless you all. 

Mckynsi Moore 
Twisted Double M owner 

The children your precedes will directly be helping